Been recording on this beauty. Tape sounds good.

17 May, 2018

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Everything Changed 5.1 Surround Mixes

26 Jan, 2018

I'm currently in the process of creating 5.1 mixes for a for a record I released in 2010 titled "Everything Changed". I've already completed two mixes and have uploaded them to the site. It's a very organic record. Most of the tracks are based around Piano, Drums, Electric Bass and a String Section. There are no synths and very few guitars on the record. So far it's been interesting re envisioning the project in 5.1. For me, it's always a challenge to go back and work on older projects because it feels like ground that I have already covered. However, in this case I think this record will lend itself well to 5.1 mixes and I'm enjoying the process so far. I'll be posting them one at a time as…

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Eccentric Things

15 Jan, 2018

I just finished mixing two more songs in 5.1. "H2H CMDR" (Hearbeat2Heartbeat Commander) and "Odd Man In". Both songs were originally recorded around 2010. "Odd Man In" was written in the 1980s. "Open Up The Door And Let The Odd Man In". It's a classic Mike Himelstein lyric. I remember back when we would write songs together, Mike would be banging out the lyrics on a typewriter while I was coming up with the music at the piano.  We wrote quite a few songs back then. I think "Odd Man" is one of our best tunes. H2H CMDR started from a lyric that longtime songwriting partner John Goodwin sent me. It's a cool metaphor about being lost in space and trying to connect with someone on earth. At that time,…

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Welcome to Laycut Records

05 Jan, 2018

Happy new year and welcome to the launch of LC records! I have decided to take the music I've compiled over the last few years off my hard drive and make it available to the world. It all started last year with the release of my self-titled "JMK": instrumental Blu Ray disc. Little did I know in less than a year I'd be building a downloadable hi res 5.1 Surround audio website. As with most new things, its been interesting learning about putting a merchant website together with so many details and possibilities to consider. Ultimately, my goal was to try and keep the website concise and easy to navigate. You may be asking why build a 5.1 Surround music only website? Well, I love working in 5.1 and I…

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